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Comfort Time – Budget Medium Soft Pillow Top Ensemble Double

Comfort Time – Budget Medium Soft Pillow Top Ensemble Double

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Product Description

Budget Ensemble Pillow Top ? Comfort Time.

Comfort Time is a Bonnell spring medium to soft pillow top mattress. The spring system in this mattress is softer hence the mattress feels softer under your body.

The Bonnell spring system is proven technology spring system which has been used in mattresses for over 100 years. It is the best spring system to keep the body straight with extra padding used to contour around the body.

Comfort Time comes with medium to soft padding in the pillow top. It comes with a non-flip technology. A good quality knitted fabric and a soft quilting on top gives an overall medium to soft feel to the mattress. Comfort Time is a very good mattress with a pillow top for people looking for medium to soft feel or for use in the spare room. It provides good comfort while providing good value for money. This mattress comes with a five year warranty.

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