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Pillows ? Polyester Filling Standard Pillow (2 per pack)

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Pillows ? Polyester Filling Standard Pillow (2 per pack)

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Product Description

Simply Beds has sourced pillows from the budget to latex and gel pillows. We can surely get you pillows to suit your budget.

Options Available are:

check Standard Polyester pillows: This is a budget pillow filled with polyester fibre. It has a stain resistant cover. Allergy free. Dust free and hygienic.
check Commercial Collection: 2cm walled pillow. 100% soft cotton cover. Polyester fill.
check Latex Pillows: This latex pillow is great for your comfort. The pin core latex provides you with the ultimate comfort and support for your neck and head. The holes in the latex helps with the air circulation and keeps your pillow cool.
check Traditional Bamboo Pillows: Moulded memory foam. Traditional shape follows the natural shape of your body. The bamboo pillow softens in response to body heat and stays responsive to varying climate conditions. The cover has high moisture absorbency and odour neutralisation features.
check Gel Pillow: Moulded memory foam with gel pad. Gel layer?s air flow system provides a pleasant breathable and dry sleeping surface keeping your head cool and fresh, allowing your muscles to be full relaxed while sleeping. The pillow has one side with cooling gel for summer and normal foam for winter.

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