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120 Night Comfort Guarantee

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120 Night Comfort Guarantee

At Simply Beds we recognise that the only real test of a new mattress is actually getting to sleep on it, that is why we have introduced our 120 Night Comfort Guarantee.

Most of us buy a new Mattress because our old one is no longer satisfactory. You definitely want to buy one that you love and know that you will sleep well on for a very long time.

This is why it’s important to have the 120 Night Comfort Guarantee of knowing that if you are waking up more sore and tired. That you will be able to exchange your mattress for a new one.

We also understand that a new mattress will always feel quite different to your old one and takes some time to get used to – this is why. Simply Beds is pleased to offer 120 nights Comfort Guarantee for you to get used to your new mattress.

Conditions must be met for this exchange to take place. You must use a mattress protector so that your mattress is not soiled. You must follow the care instructions of the manufacturer.

If you are not completely happy, phone Simply Beds and discuss your concern with our bedding consultants. We will exchange your mattress with another one that will overcome these concerns.

Delivery Fees will apply to all exchanges. We do not offer refunds if you choose a cheaper mattress to exchange. There is a limit of only one exchange per customer. There are no exchanges on special orders or custom made mattresses.

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