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King Single Mattress Size: 2030 x 1070mm. This size is ideal for, kids, teenagers and adults. King Single mattresses are mainly advised for those growing teenagers who are too tall for single mattresses. King Single mattresses are wide than single mattress by approximately 15 cm or 6 inches. It gives your child or yourself that extra room compared to a single mattress.

We recommend king single mattress for those teenagers that have had a growth spurt and single mattresses just aren’t long enough for them.

We sell our King Single Mattresses in our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast stores.

If you don’t like our range and selections, you can even customise your own bedding and mattresses. For more information or if you need any help, call us on 1300 132 231 and we will ask you a series of questions that will lead you to choose the right bed and mattress for you. You can also visit one of our showrooms to test it out yourself!

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