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How to choose the right mattress without paying too much?

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Choose the Right Mattress without paying too much

How can you choose the right mattress without paying too much?

Anyone shopping for a new mattress will quickly notice that there are more mattresses to choose from than ever before. There are so many people selling mattresses online. There are mattresses made out of just memory foam or latex and then there are spring mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are big at the moment as they are compressed down to fit in a box to save on transport costs. The people selling these mattresses also promote the fact that these mattresses contour to our body and give you relief on your pressure points.

A study conducted has found that the consumers main complaint about these mattresses is that they sleep hot. A mattress made out of only foam may not be best suited for Queensland weather. Then there are pocket coil mattresses compressed in a box as well nowadays. It can be quite daunting and frustrating to choose a new mattress. All the mattresses feel similar when you lay on them. Most mattresses feel similar when they are new. It’s only after constant use you really know whether the mattress you got is the right one or not.

We are going to make it easier for you to choose the right mattress by putting them in six different ranges. Each range has different types of mattresses. The difference can be the springs used, the amount of padding on top of the springs for your comfort level and the quality of the padding used. As a general rule, the cheaper a mattress is, the lower the density of the foam used in the padding.

Mattress manufacturers have a habit of putting names on the mattresses that start with Chiro, Spinal, Lumbar and so on. Please don’t be fooled by this tactic and think that a particular mattress has any special support structure just because the name starts with Chiro.

Most of the mattresses have springs, foam, latex, polyester and wool. The foam comes in all sorts of grades and densities. As I mentioned most mattresses start with springs. Then different layers of padding are put on the springs for comfort. In very simply terms, the more padding you put on the springs the dearer a mattress will get. As foam comes in different densities and grades, higher density foam will be dearer than lower density.

Depending on the price of a mattress, it may have standard or memory foam. In some cases it may have gel foam. Gel infused foam is supposed to be cooler. You can also invest in a mattress that has wool in the pillow top for a number of reasons. The wool is extremely effective when it comes to keeping you cool. It’s breathable and natural. It does a great job of absorbing moisture and regulating temperature. You can also sleep in wool bedding such as duvets and pillows. All of the wool will help keep moisture away, helping you to feel less clammy and hot.

We have listed the mattresses here and made it easier for you to compare so that you can choose the right mattress without paying too much. It makes a big difference on who you are buying the new mattress for. Whether it is for a spare room mattress or everyday use. A mattress for the kids may be different than the one for yourselves.

The list in each category gives you information on what’s inside each mattress. This will help you choose the right mattress, making sure you choose something that’s suitable for whoever you’re buying for.