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Get comfortable with Simply Beds’ revolutionary Cool Gel Foam Mattress Toppers. Designed to transform your nightly rest into a luxurious haven, these toppers redefine the way you sleep.

Crafted from cutting-edge cool gel foam technology, we offer unparalleled temperature regulation. Say goodbye to restless nights spent tossing and turning due to overheating. The cool gel infusion actively dissipates excess body heat, ensuring you stay comfortably cool throughout the night. Whether you’re a hot sleeper or someone navigating fluctuating room temperatures, Simply Beds’ Cool Gel Foam creates an optimal sleep environment tailored just for you.

Ideal for anyone seeking an extra layer of comfort and support, our mattress toppers are a game-changer. Revitalise your mattress and enhance your sleep quality without the need for a complete mattress overhaul. The responsive nature of cool gel foam adapts to your body’s contours, providing personalised support and alleviating pressure points for a restful night’s sleep. The total thickness of these toppers are 8cm. The cool gel is 3cm thick.

Transform your bed into a sanctuary of relaxation with Simply Beds’ Cool Gel Foam Mattress Toppers. Elevate your sleep experience, and wake up rejuvenated, ready to conquer each day with newfound energy.  Sleep soundly, sleep cool, sleep better.  Available in double, Queen, to King Size.