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Warning: Don’t Buy A Single Mattress Until You Read This

Sadly, too many people are disappointed in the overpriced single mattresses they buy from other stores. And then they put up with uncomfortable sleep until they buy another mattress years later. Here are 10 things you need to know before you buy a mattress to ensure you don’t get stuck with a lemon.

Or if you know what you want in a mattress, click here to see our range of quality mattresses made right here in Qld by our family for your family. Or call 1300 132 231 for free advice from one of our Mattress Technicians.

Foam: Most single mattresses are filled with cheap, low-density foam that squashes and sags faster than you can say, “Oh my aching back.” Our high-density foam is top-notch. You can tell because it weighs more – that’s why our mattresses are so heavy. Our foam won’t flatten quickly – it bounces back year after year after year.

Springs: If you want to minimise movement across the bed so your partner doesn’t wake when you roll over, choose pocket springs. If that’s not important to you, both pocket and bonnel springs are excellent.

Side Supports:  Without added side support you can’t sleep or sit on the edge of the bed without rolling or slipping off (you lose as much as 20% of the surface area). Mattresses (from other stores) that come in boxes don’t have side supports. Many expensive mattresses don’t even have side supports. All our company-manufactured mattresses come with either a double butterfly or a foam box casing, and our box mattresses have extra heavy-duty outer springs for support right to the edge.

Double-Sided: A double-sided mattress that you can flip will last twice as long.

Single-Sided Pillow Top: Even the most expensive single-sided pillow top mattresses will get some degree of body impressions. Because we use premium high-density foam our mattresses hold their shape longer. But some indentations can’t be avoided.

Cloudlike Feel: Don’t be fooled — beds that are super-soft in the showroom will not stay that way because the padding in the quilting (no matter what it’s made from) will flatten over time. This is a marketing gimmick guaranteed to disappoint.

Want A Soft Bed That Lasts Years: Get a double-sided mattress and add a separate topper.

Latex: Excellent for support and comfort. But make sure it’s natural as synthetic latex dries and cracks.

Memory Foam: Hugs your body. Great for winter but can be hot in summer.

Prices and Discounts: Don’t be fooled by high-priced mattresses that are half-price. These discounts are simply not real.

Advice: Our Mattress Technicians know what’s inside every one of our mattresses and can recommend a mattress we guarantee you’ll love (120-night risk-free trial). Get free advice over the phone or visit one of our showrooms.

Call 1300 132 231 for free advice from one of our Mattress Technicians or look below to see our range of quality single mattresses.