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Simply Beds commercial provides mattress, ensembles, Commercial Beds amd bed heads and manchester for the commercial industry.  We have supplied mattresses and beds to hotels, motels,  mining sites, boarding houses, Air Bnb and lots more.

Most of our commercial mattresses are double sided for longer use.  They all have excellent side supports.  The mattresses are made with fire retardant fabrics makes them highly resistant against heat and fire dangers for added peace of mind of your guests.  It may help you with your insurance premiums as it adds value to your commercial building.  The ensemble bases can be made in different coloured fabrics to suit your decor.

All our mattresses and bases are made to suit your budget.  We understand that not all hotels and motels are the same.  As the motels and hotels have a star rating, we have designed the mattresses similarly so that your beds match your star rating of the hotel.

We can organise delivery, setup of your new beds and removal of the old ones.  We have 3,4 and 5 star mattresses and ensembles.  Call us on 3279 4444 or email at for further information.

Commercial Beds and Mattresses

Offering high-quality mattresses and beds to everyone in Brisbane is our passion and goal, and with our services expanding to commercial mattresses we believe that we are able to do that. The Simply Beds team have supplied mattresses and ensembles to hotel, motels, hostels and schools across Brisbane.

With our full variety of beds, we are also able to provide special ensembles for the hospitality industry. Made through high quality craftsmanship, our beds are the durable and safe alternative to most beds in the industry, and at the same time are a cost effective option as compared to other mattress manufacturers, which is what makes us the best option for your next bed. We do not compromise when it comes to quality, with all our commercial range having padding on both sides so you can flip them over and get more usage out of every bed you buy with us.

By flipping or turning over your mattress systematically and periodically, you are able to virtually double the life of the mattress. Topped with our 10-year warranty, our mattresses and beds are the affordable option for any commercial or private residence.

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How we sleep is unique. Read up on everything you need to know about commercial mattresses and the different types of support and comfort options.

So you need a new mattress but you don’t want to break the bank. Well the great news