Queen Ensembles

Queen Ensemble Mattress and Base

Queen Size Ensemble

Queen Size is 2030 x 1530mm. Queen size is the most popular size of mattresses or ensembles. Queen size ensemble base generally comes with 9 castors or glides. Ensemble includes your mattress and the base. Our bases are really good quality and made from solid timber.

Queen Size ensemble bases are great for singles and couples alike and are generally well received because of its versatility and style. Incorporate it with a headboard to switch up the look.

Simply  Bed sells all Queen Ensembles bed and mattresses across Queensland in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast stores. All of Simply Bed’s Queen Ensemble mattresses are 100% Australian owned and made.We sell our entire products warehouse direct and discounted so you’re always guaranteed a fair price.

For more information on Queen ensembles in Brisbane or if you need any help, call us on 1300 132 231 and we will ask you a series of questions that will lead you to choose the right bed and mattress for you. If you’re ready to test it for yourself, come into our showroom and experience our mattresses first hand!

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