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Our Favourites range is focused on customers looking for a premium mattress within a reasonable price range. This range is our biggest seller, as you receive more mattress for your dollar.

The mattresses are structured using either the Bonnell spring system or the Pocket spring system. The Bonnell spring system is a firmer style system that has been used in Australia for more than 100 years. The underlying firmness assists in keeping the body straight, while its 3 zones help to alleviate pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders. To further reinforce the sides, edge-wire and butterfly edge supports are added increasing the durability of the spring system and avoiding the sides of the mattress to collapse.

The Pocket Springs are individually pocketed springs. They are preferable if you like a softer feel mattress and also if you share the mattress with a partner. Partner disturbance is greatly minimized with this spring system. You can enjoy a good night’s sleep even if your partner is tossing and turning. To ensure the sides are supported in our pocket spring mattresses, we add a foam box around the entire perimeter of the mattress. Essentially, this secures all the springs and protects the mattress from collapsing on the sides.

In many inferior products, these are the unseen extras that set us apart.

There is a combination of comfort layers used in our mattresses in this range.

These layers may comprise high-quality Australian Foam, Gel infused foam, Natural latex or a combination. The added pillow top is there to provide an extra level of comfort. There are different variations in the pillow-tops to satisfy our different comfort levels. For example, if you prefer a firmer mattress, you may choose a mattress which has a higher density padding. Alternatively, if you prefer your mattress to be soft, you may opt for one that has Gel infused memory foam. In any case, you are bound to find the one perfect for you. If you can’t, then you can design your own, a bit like choosing the toppings on a pizza.
All our padding is treated to control dust-mites, bacteria, mould and mildew.

These mattresses come with warranties of anywhere from 5 to 10 years.