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Traditional Single Mattresses

It is rare to find these old-fashioned mattresses anymore. This range is home to our everyday mattresses that can be flipped and used on both sides, essentially doubling the life of the mattress. They are made with Bonnell or Pocket springs.

Bonnell Springs provide a firmer base structure whilst Pocket Springs are individually segmented, allowing for a softer overall feel and allowing the mattress to conform to your body. Depending on personal preference, both are equally supportive. To further reinforce the spring structure, butterfly side supports are added to strengthen the sides to alleviate the problem of a mattress collapsing.

A premium foam padding is used to compliment the already impressive support structure. Rest assured that all padding used has been treated to control dust-mites, bacteria, mould and mildew. The padding is positioned on both sides of the mattress, allowing the mattress to be flipped and rotated, essentially doubling its longevity. The mattresses are finished off by a top layer of high- quality knitted fabric.

These mattresses are built to last, which is why they come with a 10 Year warranty.

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