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At the top of our castle, sits the Elite Range. This range comprises a select trio of mattresses which are the essence of luxury. A master-stroke of impeccable structure and pure indulgence.

This range features Pocket Springs, which are individually segmented springs, singularly placed to form the base structure of the mattress. The springs are then supported on the edge by an encased foam box, which is a high quality, high density foam. The thickness of ours (80mm) is double that of most mattresses found on the market. The reason for our generous foam box is to ensure that our customers maximise the use of their mattress right to the edges, without feeling as though they will roll off.

To support this solid structure is our zoning technology. The thickness of the pocket springs varies according to each zone. So, how this works is that the heaviest parts of our body fall into a zone where the springs are thicker – therefore, aligning our hips and shoulders with the rest of our body.

Premium quality Australian foam, Gel infused memory foam and natural latex is used to complete the mattresses. The comfort layer on the top can be a combination of the above types of padding. They are combined to articulate mattresses that may be a plush, medium or firm feel. Every person is different in their preference, so we try and cater for all types of comfort levels.

Our padding has been treated to control the emergence of dust-mites, bacteria, mould or mildew.

Our Elite range comes with a 10-year warranty.