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Double Bed Ensemble Brisbane

We have a range of double ensemble, ranging from budget to top of the range latex. The standard double ensemble is 1880 x 1370. This equates to 6’2” x 4’6”. An ensemble consists of mattress and the base. You can get the base on it’s own for only $369. All ensembles come with the option of castors or glides.

Double bed ensemble bases are an easy way to choose a bed and base option that will be perfect for any room. Most of our mattresses are Australian Made.

For more information on double bed ensembles in Brisbane or if you need any help, call us on 1300 132 231 and we will ask you a series of questions that will lead you to choose the right bed and mattress for you. If you’re ready to test it for yourself, come into our showroom and experience our mattresses first hand!

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