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The sneaky tricks big bedding stores use to get you
to pay way too much for your next mattresses

Are you looking for a mattress but not sure what to buy? Do you see ‘Bedding Sale’ ads and wonder if you really can save 40%, 50% and even 60% on a new mattress… or if it’sjust ONE BIG RIP OFF? You’re about to discover the sneaky tricks big department and bedding stores use to get you to pay way too much for a mattress. And how you can get a better mattressfor way less money.

The Truth About Prices

With queen mattresses ranging from $200-$5,000 (and even $10,000 and more), you may wonder if higher priced mattresses are really worth it? Will
they last longer? And will they give you a better night’ssleep? What if I told you, apart from the label and the price, many $3,000 mattresses are exactly the same as mattresses half their price? In some cases, the outer fabric may be different (but not necessarily better). And the retailer may try to use made-up terminology to make their mattress sound better. But giving a spring a fancy name doesn’t make it better. And calling a fabric ‘Smart’
doesn’t change the way it looks or works (but it may fool people into paying more).

Unfair Mark Ups

There is often no rhyme or reason to mattress prices. For example, we once saw a mattress on sale for $4,000 that we know we can import from China for $400. No wonder they can afford to sell them at 50% off.

Not Able To Compare

Comparison shopping mattresses is impossible. That’s because manufacturers take the exact same mattress and sell it to different stores under different brand and model names. That means, if you find a mattress you like in one store, you can’t comparison shop the price in another store because their mattresses will have completely different names. We’ve seen two identical mattresses (apart from the names) selling in two different stores with prices that differ by more than $2,000. No wonder customers are so confused.

You don't Know What You're Getting

The reason mattress retailers can get away with these sneaky tricks is simply because you can’t see what’s inside the mattress you’re buying. And chances are, the retailer won’t tell you. Or they’ II bamboozle you with made-up terminology. Wouldn’t it be nice ifsomebody really told you …

What's In A Mattress?

Springs Unless a mattressis made entirely of foam or latex, it will contain a core of springs. These springs are made by a handful of companies (usually in China) and imported into Australia flattened. Traditionally mattresses contained Bonnel Springs (a cylindrical coil of wire attached between guide wires and hoops on the top and bottom). These springs are tried and tested. And they are affordable. But because they are made of continuous wire and attached at the top and bottom, they can easily transfer movement acrossthe bed. Pocket Springs are also imported into Australia flattened. They are wrapped individually in cylinders of fabric and work independently of each other which minimises partner disturbance. Pocket Springs are slightly more expensive than Bonnel Springs but well worth it. Side Supports Cheap Bonnel Spring mattress don’t have any side supports. More expensive ones have a single butterfly side support (looks like half a butterfly). Here at Simply Beds we use double butterfly side supports (looks like a full butterfly) which gives double the support so the edge of the bed remains firm when you sit on it. Cheaper Pocket Spring mattresses either have no side supports or use a simple metal hoop at the top and bottom. The best way to give side support is to encase the springs in a quality high density foam box. That’s what we do here at Simply Beds.

Comfort Layers

This refers to the foam / latex layers that sit on the springs. This is a major part of the mattress and makes a big difference to the comfort, longevity and cost. Not all foams are the same quality. Foam is graded by density (or weight) and softness. The higher the density (heavier) the longer the foam will last. Density has nothing to do with softness. You can get high density foam (heavy foam) in soft, medium, and firm. The problem is, most retailers won’t tell you the density of the foam in each mattress (most probably don’t even know). Memory or Gel Foam is also sometimes used as a comfort layer. Both foams have slow release qualities which enable them to hug your body and relieve pressure points. But this can make them warmer to sleep on. Gel Foam is injected with a specialsubstance to increase air circulation and keep your mattress cooler. Latex can also be used as a comfort layer. Like foam, not all latex is the same. Genuine latex is highly elastic and will last for many years. Synthetic and hybrid latex becomes brittle over time. The top comfort layer is in the quilting. Beds with a cloud-like feel usually have a lot of polyester in the quilting. While this may be lovely at first, it will quickly flatten (within weeks). To prevent this we include foam in our quilting.


This is usually an extra layer/s of foam attached to one side of the mattress. While this may add to the comfort of a mattress, depending on the density of the foam, it will contour to your body over time. We use high quality (i.e. high density) foam to minimise this. Pillowtop mattresses are usually single-sided (non flip) which effectively halves their life (although many of our mattresses are still guaranteed for 10 years).

Why Choose Simply Beds

Unbeatable Wholesale Prices: Overall, our standard prices are around 70% cheaper than other stores because we manufacture ourselves – right here in Brisbane. Every Mattress Is Different: Our cheaper mattresses cost less because they are more basic with Bonnel Springs, no side supports and limited foam. Our more expensive mattresses cost more because they have pocket springs, foam box side supports and include more foam and higher quality foam or latex. But all cost around 70% less than other retailers. Easy to Compare: We’re happy to show you what’s inside each mattress so you know exactly what you’re getting and you can compare mattresses across our range. Genuine Guarantee: While most retailers simply refer you to the manufacturer who may give you the run-around and force you to pay for freight to examine the mattress, we stand behind our products. If there is a problem, we will come to your home, inspect your mattress, and make things right straight away.

Free Expert Advice

For more information and personal assistance from a Factory Trained Mattress Specialist, visit one of our showrooms, click onto our website or call one of our outlets. Also see some of the display mattresses we are selling for even less than our usual low wholesale prices

For more information and personal assistance
from a Factory Trained Mattress Specialist, visit
one of our showrooms at Sumner Park, Lawnton, Underwood and Kunda Park.

So you need a new mattress but you don’t want to break the bank. Well the great news