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5 benefits of a latex mattress (100% natural material)

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Simply Beds | 5 benefits of a latex mattress (100% natural material)

If you stay awake tossing and turning, your mattress could be stopping you from getting the quality sleep you need to recharge.

Many mattresses are uncomfortable, and some even release small amounts of potentially harmful chemicals that may cause problems for sensitive people.

This is particularly true for synthetic mattresses that have been poorly made (although there are good options too).

Latex mattresses are a popular alternative to synthetic mattresses.

What are the benefits of a latex mattress that’s completely natural?

Natural latex is comfortable to sleep on, eco-friendly and dust mites hate it – for a start!

This article explores the many benefits of a latex mattress in more detail. But first, what is a latex mattress?

What is a latex mattress?

Rubber trees produce a milky white sap that contains latex – a natural substance that’s highly elastic. Latex is used to make many products, such as gloves, bandages, rubber bands and balloons.

As for mattresses that feature latex, they do so to varying degrees.

Natural latex mattresses: 100 per cent natural latex, no artificial fillers

Synthetic latex mattresses: constructed from a variety of synthetic materials so that it looks and feels like latex

Blended latex mattresses: a combination of natural latex (30 per cent) and synthetic latex (70 per cent)

In our opinion, not all latex mattresses are created equal!

Generally speaking, if you’re going to go down the latex route, it’s best to stick with 100 per cent natural latex.

Synthetic and blended latex mattresses have their place, but aren’t as durable, non-toxic or environmentally sustainable as their all-natural counterparts. Plus, synthetic latex tends to release strong odours (gasses) from the material, which may irritate some people.

5 benefits of a latex mattress (100% natural material)

1. Comfortable to sleep on:

    • Good temperature regulation: Latex is a highly breathable material, thanks to its open-cell structure. To make the most of this quality, small pinhole ventilation is added to the mattress to further enhance air flow. This creates optimal temperature around your body as you sleep: cooler in the hot months and warmer during winter.


    • Low pressure sleep system relieves pain: Your body is supported by the high density and elasticity of latex, which shapes itself around the contours of your torso and limbs, while keeping your spine in natural alignment. Many chiropractors and physiotherapists recommend latex mattresses to help with back pain.


  • Keep the peace with your partner: Sometimes when your partner rolls over on a synthetic mattress, it feels like an earthquake on your side of the bed (and vice versa). All-natural latex mattresses isolate this motion, so the movement is barely detected on the other side.

2. Antibacterial:

Say goodbye to dust-mites, bacteria, mildew and mould: Natural latex has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It creates a hostile environment for the opportunistic bugs and micro-organisms that create skin rashes and respiratory problems when given the chance!

Mould has been particularly prolific on Australia’s east coast in recent times. If this is a problem in your home, consider getting a natural latex mattress so you’re not breathing in potentially harmful fungi as you sleep.

Simply Beds | 5 benefits of a latex mattress (100% natural material)

3. No flame retardant chemicals:

Flame retardant chemicals are added to many mattresses, in order to meet safety regulations. These chemicals don’t need to be added to 100 per cent latex mattresses, which already contain natural flame retardants. Latex is a good option for people who are sensitive to chemicals or want to minimise their exposure.

4. Durable and resilient:

Expect your all-natural latex mattress to last for 10 to 25 years, which is far longer than the seven-year lifespan of the average spring mattress. This is because latex is incredibly durable and resilient. When you’re finally ready to replace your mattress, it’s 100 per cent recyclable so won’t be left to rot in landfill. This brings us to our final point…

5. Eco-friendly:

Not only is natural latex completely recyclable and biodegradable, it also has a very sustainable start to life. Rubber trees can produce sap for up to three decades, even after being harvested. The rubber tree forest can be tapped into continually, without causing any damage to the trees. Just as impressively, there’s no need to use petroleum products during this process.

When it comes to manufacturing the mattress, a few chemicals are required but none of these contribute significantly to pollution. However, please be aware that latex mattresses aren’t always manufactured in a sustainable way. It’s important to check for labels that guarantee eco-friendly certification. For example, Simply Beds is accredited with Eco Institut and Eco-latex.

We find that more of our customers are prioritising the environment when looking for a mattress, as they realise that individual actions can help to protect the one planet that we have.

Simply Beds | 5 benefits of a latex mattress (100% natural material)

Are latex mattresses safe?

Yes, latex mattresses are safe for most people. However, if you have a latex allergy (or suspect you do), you shouldn’t sleep on a latex bed – regardless of whether it’s natural or blended latex.

Is it true that allergen-causing proteins are practically eradicated during the production process? Yes, but it’s best to take precautions as there’s always the possibility of triggering allergies.

Latex mattress price

In Australia, the cost of latex mattresses ranges from around $800 to $8,000. At Simply Beds, expect to pay between $899 and $2,599 – depending on whether you’re buying a Single, King Single, Double, Queen or King mattress.

You will generally pay a little more for a latex mattress compared to a synthetic mattress, because the materials are pricier. However, this extra cost is outweighed by the many latex mattress advantages. Remember, latex mattresses outlive synthetic mattresses, so you’re saving money in the long run. You shouldn’t need to replace your mattress for at least ten years.

Why Choose Simply Beds?

Our all-natural latex mattresses contain zero fillers and come with a ten year warranty, for peace of mind. We offer a fast delivery service and guarantee the lowest price. If you can’t afford an upfront payment, there are flexible payment plans (without any interest).

Please call our team on 1300 132 231 or fill out our contact form if you have any questions.