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Natural Latex

Latex Mattresses

Our Natural Latex range of mattresses are derived from a natural plant material. They are 100% latex, and more importantly contain ZERO fillers.

Being a natural product, latex does not produce or retain heat. The latex is derived from plant material and it features pin cores for air circulation. Special firm latex is used on the perimeter of the mattress to provide side supports. As a result of the high density of the latex, it boasts hard wearing qualities.

The latex mattress provides a low-pressure sleep system, meaning the body is not pushed up like in spring mattresses. The body weight is supported by the high density of the latex. It naturally contours around the arches of your body, relieving pressure points such as the hips and shoulders.
Because these mattresses do not have springs, there is minimal partner disturbance which is an added bonus.

Natural latex is also resistant to dust-mites, bacteria and mildew and coupled with its own antiseptic properties, make it a healthy sleep surface.

These mattresses provide superior comfort and support while also providing great value for money.

These latex mattresses come with a 10 year warranty.

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