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Contour Harmony – Pocket Coil – Medium Soft Ensemble Double

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Contour Harmony – Pocket Coil – Medium Soft Ensemble Double

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Product Description

Spinal Contour Harmony is a 7 zoned pocket coil mattress. Pocket coils are nothing unusual but the way it is supported is more important. The springs are encased in a foam box which gives extra support along the edges, so when you sit on the mattress, it does not collapse under your weight. If the sides collapse, it can cause a person to slide down whilst sitting on the side to get in and out of the bed. The foam box also allows a person to sleep right to the edge of the mattress, so you can use the full sleeping area. Some mattresses come with edge wire and metal springs along the edges as side supports. Although they are also a strong side support, some people can feel the hard wire under their thighs when they sit on the mattress. Generally, imported mattresses or mattresses that come in a box do not come with any of these side supports hence they are cheaper. The side supports also provide the stability in the mattress.

The 7 zoned spring system provides extra support to the areas of the body which needs most support such as the back, while providing minimum pressure on the shoulders for a side sleeping person. It is very good for minimising partner disturbance in a mattress and has a non-roll effect for people with different weights.

Spinal Contour Harmony comes with high density padding with a pillow top. This includes pin core natural latex for healthier and cooler sleeping surface. The high density of the latex gives longevity to the mattress also. A high quality knitted fabric and a plush quilting on top gives an overall medium soft feel to the mattress. It is designed with non-flip technology and has handles on the sides for ease of handling and positioning. This mattress is made in Australia and comes with a ten year warranty.

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