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Quick tips to picking a quality mattress within your budget

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So you need a new mattress but you don’t want to break the bank. Well the great news is that you can rest easy. A host of mattress shops Brisbane are on hand to connect you with your dream mattress at wholesale prices. But for your best night’s sleep and most budget-friendly picks, be sure to check out Simply Beds first. With Bed Warehouse Brisbane’s selections and these two top tips, your bedroom is set to become your favourite space.

Tip 1: Pace yourself

If you are getting your full serve of shut-eye, you are going to spend some seven to nine hours every night sleeping on your mattress. So zipping around bed stores Sunshine Coast and spending a few seconds of a host of different mattresses isn’t your best game plan. Instead, take your time. Lie down and really feel each mattress out. How does it feel when you swap from your back to your side or really stretch out for a good tummy sleep? You simply cannot tell in a matter of seconds or minutes. Spend time truly testing out each potential mattress. Just be aware, most mattress shops Brisbane do not offer overnight stays though.

Tip 2: Don’t fall prey to a display

So if you follow Tip 1 above you will be giving each mattress a good old try-out. But how long have these mattresses been on display? If hundreds of prospective purchasers have come before you over many months, you may be getting sold on a display model that feels very different to the actual new mattress you are buying. Whether you are visiting bed stores Sunshine Coast or Bed Warehouse Brisbane, be sure to ask how closely the sag, support and firmness of the test mattress resemble the brand-new product.

Picking a new mattress on a budget? Head to Bed Warehouse Brisbane for an impressive selection, all at wholesale prices.