Latex Deluxe – 150mm – Medium Firm Mattress

Latex Deluxe – 150mm – Medium Firm Mattress


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Product Description

Latex Mattress – Latex Deluxe 150mm.

Latex Deluxe is a 100% Natural Latex mattress. The mattress is 150mm thick. Latex being a natural product does not produce or retain heat. All our latex is derived from natural plant material and it features pin cores for air circulation. There are no additives used in the latex. Latex has many health benefits. It is a low pressure sleep system, which means the body is not pushed up like spring mattresses. The body weight is supported by the high density of the latex. It naturally contours around the arches of the body. Natural latex is resistant to dust mites, bacteria and mildew. It features its own natural antiseptic properties which makes it a very healthy sleep surface. As the latex does not have any springs, there is very minimum partner disturbance in a latex mattress. Furthermore, people with different weights do not get affected in the way they sleep on this mattress. There is a very minimal rolling feel in a full latex mattress.

Special firm latex is used on the perimeter of the mattress to provide side supports in the mattress. As a result of the high density of latex, it has hard wearing qualities. Natural latex mattresses are known to last a lot longer than spring mattresses. Natural latex mattresses have been used in Australia for decades and have a proven track record.

Latex Deluxe is a medium firm feel mattress. As latex has a very high density, they do not need to be flipped. You can rotate the mattress head to toe. This adds to longevity of the mattress. A high quality knitted fabric is used on the latex deluxe mattress. It is a very good mattress without a pillow top for people looking for firmness and low maintenance. It’s an excellent mattress for children and adults alike. It provides excellent comfort and support while providing good value for money. This mattress is 150mm deep and you can get one that is 200mm deep as well.. This mattress is made in Australia and comes with a ten year warranty

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Dust Mite Resistant, Australian Made, Australian Owned Company, 10 Year Warranty, High Breathability of Coverings, Zoned Pressure Relief System, 100% Natural Latex Comfort Layer


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