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What is a Pillow Top?

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Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow top is an additional layer added on top of a mattress with the aim of providing more comport and a cloud like feeling to the sleeper. These are mostly stitched to the mattress on the inside, serving as the top most comfort layer, at the time of manufacturing and are different from toppers/pads purchase later by consumers to be placed on top of their new or old mattresses. The distinguishing factor is that pillow tops become ‘one’ with the mattress they are stitched onto.

A few types of materials that may be used to make pillow tops are as follows:

  1. Latex- one of the highest quality materials, retains heat way lesser than alternatives and is eco-friendly
  2. Polyester- cheapest material available but the least durable
  3. Memory Foam- aids high levels of comfort with the gel-infused foams countering heat retention
  4. Down- offers durability as can be plumped up back to the original shape and structure

Thickly padded layers of pillow tops are usually found to be existent in innerspring mattresses as these types of traditional mattresses have received complaints about springs that poke out of them and cause discomfort to the user. However, it is also possible for you to purchase memory foam mattresses with pillow tops in the market. The point is that nowadays, it is common to see pillow tops and innerspring mattresses go hand-in-hand.

These tops come with several benefits to the sleeper who is probably facing comfort issues using their traditional spring mattress.

  • At a low cost, you are able to have a luxurious experience with your innerspring or coiled mattress. A relatively thin, single, padded layer of pillow tops cost relatively less than buying a brand new mattress that makes use of the modern technology. Hence, pillow top mattresses tend to be more cost effective for the consumer.
  • An average consumer is able to have a pain relieving experience due to the added, extra softness a pillow top blesses a spring mattress with. It allows your mattress to conform better to your body than before, thus, giving you stronger support and restfulness.
  • Another bothersome feature of a spring mattress is its inability to restrict motion transfer. Use of pillow top mattresses contends to this difficulty to a much greater degree by not allowing shock waves produced by your body to travel to other areas of your mattress and absorbing them into its cushioned, padded layer.

However, there are a few drawbacks to the use of pillow tops which may influence consumers’ buying decisions:

  • An extra padded layer on top of your mattress, made of a material that retains heat, for example traditional foams, can trap heat from your body and surroundings into your comfort layer, which you wouldn’t want happening, and lead to ventilation and cooling issues while sleeping.
  • Pillow tops are known to provide comfort but what also needs to be considered is the temporary element attached to it. These can lose their softness and contouring abilities and sag over time. Sagging will provide the sleeper with the opposite of what these tops are designed for-it will lead to pains, discomfort and deprive you of a good night’s sleep.

When making your final buying decision, keep in mind these drawbacks and how your body may react to or lead up to these quicker. Your body weight, your budget, your tendency to deal with heat retention and your personal preferences are factors that will affect the type of top suited for you in case you choose to go for pillow top mattresses.

There are many pillow top mattresses on the market. You can purchase different quality of pillow top mattresses from any retailers. Our pillow top range in queen size starts from $349. You can see the entire range of mattress and ensembles in different sizes on our website.